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Meet and Greet: At the beginning of each rehearsal process, the cast, director, choreographer, musical director, designers and staff come together for a meet and greet. This is the company at the first rehearsal for the Walnut's 2014 production of the musical Elf.

Artists Creating Art

Rehearsing the Productions

All of the Walnut productions rehearse right here at the theatre. Directors, choreographers, musical directors and actors come together in our rehearsal halls, located on the fourth and sixth floors of the office building, to create the artful and entertaining productions for our stages.

Each musical produced on the Mainstage is accompanied by a live orchestra. Rehearsals happen in the lobby area of the theatre before the musicians move to the orchestra pit.

Sets and Props

The Walnut's Scenic and Properties Shop is at 3340 Frankford Avenue Philadelphia. This 85,000 square foot facility houses a multitude of props and set pieces, and is the worksite for our carpenters, scenic artists and props craftspeople. These talented artists bring the stories presented on our stages to life, realizing the vision of a production's scenic designer.

Scenic painter Sarah Ganek puts finishing paint touches on a faux marble wall.


The Walnut's Costume Fabrication and Wardrobe Department are housed on the fourth floor above the Mainstage. Here a skillful and talented team of designers, drapers, cutters, dyers, seamstresses, dressers, milliners, hair and wig designers and makeup artists create the wardrobe for the wonderful characters presented on our stages.

Costume Designer Mary Folino conducting a wardrobe fitting on actress Megan Arnoldy.

Lights and Sound

Lighting and sound designers add the magic to what you see and hear. In collaboration with the director and other designers they complete the environment of a production's world.

Head Sound Engineer Ryan Peavey completes a test of all sound equipment prior to every performance.