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Chase the Humbugs away with A Christmas Carol!

October 26, 2009

Ben Lovell returns as everybody's favorite miser. (Photo: Mark Garvin).

PHILADELPHIA, PA: The Walnut Street Theatre for Kids' production of A Christmas Carol has become a holiday tradition for families all across the Delaware Valley. This delightful musical adaptation of Charles Dickens' classic novel is a wonderful and fun way to take a break from the hectic modern holiday world and celebrate the things that are truly important.

Ebenezer Scrooge is not a fan of Christmas, not one bit. He relentlessly "Bah, Humbugs" every glimmer of holiday cheer, after all, there's business to be done and that's more important, isn't it? Even the warmth and kindness of the humble Cratchit family, including Scrooge's trusty clerk Bob and the loveable Tiny Tim, cannot sway his dismal outlook. Things take a big change, however, when some ghostly guests visit Scrooge one fateful Christmas Eve. After traveling through his past, present and possible future, the grumpy miser finally opens his eyes to the magic and merriment of the season!

Walnut Street Theatre audiences will get a glimpse into A Christmas Carol of 1840's London, with an original score based on the musical stylings of the mid-19th century. The show will feature authentic instruments, sets and theatrical special effects of the time period. Children of all ages will be simply astounded seeing a show at the nation's oldest theatre presented exactly as it would have been in the 1840's, even in a space that dates back to that time, an experience unique to the Walnut.

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