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Walnut Street Theater's Adopt-A-School Program

Individual Giving

Donate now! Benefits of Giving

For 215 years, Walnut Street Theatre has proudly served as our community's meeting place and home for the arts. Your generosity plays a leading role in protecting the future of this landmark treasure and providing accessible arts activities for students of all ages, making the impact of your generosity immeasurable.

Known as the Angels Campaign, Walnut Street Theatre's annual giving program primarily supports educational initiatives both in local schools and our theatre, in addition to the spectacular artistry that comes to life on our stages not fully covered by ticket prices.

Ways to Give

  • Give Online: Donate Online via our secure server.

  • Make a Pledge: Want to contribute through a pledged installment plan for your gift of $100 or more? Call the Development Department and our friendly team will be happy to assist you Monday–Friday, 9:30am–5:30pm.

  • Donor Advised Fund (DAF): For those who hold Donor Advised Funds, the Walnut gratefully accepts grant recommendations through this process. Our tax EIN number is: 23-1715152 

  • Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD): If you hold an Individual Retirement Account (IRA), and are approaching age 73, you are required to take a required minimum distribution annually, even if you don't need the funds, which is considered total taxable income and could potentially move you into a higher income tax bracket. Instead, consider making a Qualified Charitable Distribution to Walnut Street Theatre with your required minimum distribution and avoid adding to your taxable income. Additionally, your QCD will reduce the balance of the IRA, potentially lowering future required minimum distributions, and can enable you to make a larger gift and impact on our programming! For more information, reach out to your financial advisor to set up a distribution by December 31.
  • Individual Contribution through a Special Purpose Entity: Did you know you could redirect your PA state income tax to the Walnut and impact our arts education programs? If you anticipate paying at least $5,000 in PA State Taxes in this tax year, you can dedicate your hard-earned dollars to the students served by the Walnut's programming instead, by joining a Special Purpose Entity (SPE). Joining an SPE allows you to receive a 90% credit on your personal state income taxes, plus at least a 10% itemized deduction on your federal taxes! 

  • Matching Gifts: Do you work for a local corporation who will match your gifts? Many organizations will match your gifts to non-profit organizations dollar for dollar! Check in with your Human Resources Department.

  • Stock Gifts: Walnut Street Theatre is humbled to accept transfers of stocks and securities, which can provide greater tax benefits than an equivalent cash gift. Please notify us with your intent to donate in this way with your name, contact information, stock name, and the number of shares; and we will provide you with the instructions for your broker. Please contact Regina Sukanick, Director of Development, 215-574-3350 x 507 for questions.

If you have any questions regarding ways to make an impact with an Angels gift, please contact the Development Department at or 215.574.3580.