America's Oldest · Founded 1808

Our Commitment and Vision for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity

The Walnut is more than the productions on our stages. We have served our ever-changing community for over 200 years, including as a thriving self-producing theatre since 1982, and guided by our mission, “to sustain the tradition of professional theatre and contribute to its future viability and vitality.”

We do so through:

We are committed to celebrating and reflecting the diverse community we serve by heightening Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion initiatives into our programs and workplace. We live in unprecedented times and, while we have served our mission well in the past, a new envisioned path is upon us, and we are excited about the journey. We have started on that path with the realization that it is dynamic and evolving. As we grow, we will continue to reflect these values through our mission.


The Walnut recognizes that we cannot fully realize our other pillars of diversity and inclusivity without equity. Equity is about creating fair access, opportunity, and advancement for all people. With arts funding cuts sweeping our nation, we strive to create opportunities for all by investing in our community with one of the country’s most extensive theatre-based arts education programs. We are in schools, using theatrical arts to help students evolve into better citizens by instilling vital life skills, including self-esteem, cooperation, and confidence building.

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We also recognize that diverse and eclectic communities make up the rich tapestry of the Philadelphia landscape and have contributed their unique stories and talents to The Walnut’s rich history. We have worked—and will expand our work—with our diverse local communities to make our theatre more reflective of those communities.

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The Walnut understands that building a diverse workforce and telling diverse stories does not alone create an inclusive environment. The Walnut is committed to: fostering a workplace culture that values and promotes inclusion and access; creating productions that reflect many points of view; and making it possible for all to experience live theatre and our educational programs.

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Thank You

From all of us here at the Walnut, thank you for allowing us to grow with our community’s needs. The results of this ongoing work will inform and guide all of our decisions moving forward. We are grateful for our shared journey and look towards the future with hope and vigor.