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Rental Space

Please Note: The Walnut Street Theatre Mainstage and Independence Studio on 3 are not available for rental, except by special bookings made through the Managing Director's office.

Rehearsal & Audition Space

The Walnut has 3 spaces to rent for rehearsals and auditions, subject to availability. Bookings should be made at least one week in advance.


Rehearsal Hall 4
Rehearsal Hall 6
Rehearsal Hall 6B
43' x 22' with piano and outside waiting area
43' x 22' with dance floor, full wall mirrors and piano
22' X 18' with full wall mirrors and piano


For-Profit Companies
Non-Profit Companies
$45 per hour*
$30 per hour*

*additional $5 per hour charge for audition rentals with more than 30 people attending in a single day

For More Information or To Book the Space
Contact Dan Ludwig at 215.574.3550 ext. 577.