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Casting Opportunities

Walnut Street Theatre is dedicated to the casting and employment of local Philadelphia-based talent.  The information on this page will be updated as the season progresses, and as new information becomes available!  Casting for each production begins locally.  We will hold multiple open calls for the season each spring, both in Philadelphia and New York in accordance with Actors' Equity Association.  Information about these auditions will be made available through AEA, Theatre Philadelphia, Backstage, and Playbill.  All other auditions are held throughout the year and are scheduled by appointment only.  Walnut Street Theatre contracts with both union and non-union talent.  

Please follow submission instructions on any breakdowns that are released.  Otherwise for consideration, please send your headshot, resume, and a brief cover letter indicating the show/role of interest to:
Walnut Street Theatre
825 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Walnut Street Theatre is committed to diversity and engages in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, we encourage performers of ALL ethnicities, gender identities, body types, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to submit.



Director/Choreographer: Richard Stafford
1st Rehearsal – September 10, 2024
Performances –October 1 – November 1, 2024

Seeking: SOME roles available

ENSEMBLE – Male, all ages, ethnicities, body types, and voice parts to make up a chorus of fantastic singer, dancers, and characters. All must move well. Many featured roles from the Ensemble including Joe Pesci, Norm Waxman, and various characters throughout The Four Season’s lives.

Also seeking Local, Non-Union singer/dancers to be on-stage Extras, and External Understudies for all roles.



Director: Glenn Casale
Choreographer: Robbie Roby
1st Rehearsal – October 29, 2024
Performances – November 19 – December 29 2024

Seeking: ALL roles available

BUDDY - Male 30s, any ethnicity. The lead – Born a human but raised as a Christmas Elf, he is a child at heart. Requires very good comedy, infectious charisma, and strong singing skills with gravitas enough to carry the show. A tenor whose childlike curiosity makes him both endearing and troublesome at the same time.

WALTER HOBBS – Male 50’s+. Buddy's workaholic father. He is a Children's book writer, and is selfish, tense, and generally angry with life without the child-like spirit Buddy has. 

EMILY HOBBS - Female 40s+. Walter's wife. Sweet and willing to take Buddy in. Contemporary pop belt.

GREENWAY - Male 50’s+. Walter's tyrant boss. A gruff elderly businessman. Minimal singing – character actor.

JOVIE – Female late 20’s-30. Buddy's girlfriend. A jaded New Yorker. Must be an amazing comedic pop/contemporary singer – belt. 

MACY’S MANAGER – Male, all ages, ethnicities, body types. Very comedic baritone. 

SANTA - Male  50s+. A natural storyteller. Funny, jolly, a beer and pizza kind of Santa. Minimal singing.

ENSEMBLE – All ages, gender-identities, ethnicities, body types, and voice parts to make up a dancing chorus. All must have strong voices and dance well.

MICHAEL HOBBS (BOY)**** – Pre-teen boy 12-14. Buddy's stepbrother who is excited to have a new friend and brother. Very high pop tenor voice. Strong singing essential. 

KIDS ENSEMBLE**** - Strong singing kids 8-12. Must sing and move well. 

Also seeking Local, Non-Union singers and dancers to be External Understudies for all roles.

****ALL Kids auditions will take place separately in early Fall August/September. All kids must be local, non-union, and will be double cast. 


Director: TBA
1st Rehearsal – December 17, 2024
Performances – January 7 – February 2, 2025

Seeking: ALL roles cast

Also seeking Local Non-Union actors to be Understudies. 


Director: Bill Van Horn
1st Rehearsal – January 21, 2025
Performances – February 11 – March 9, 2025

Seeking: SOME roles available

SOREL and SIMON BLISS – Young looking very early 20’s brother and sister. Comedic and completely inconsiderate of others’ wants/needs. Raised without ordinary conventions and manners, which leads to funny social interactions with others. Constantly poking fun at one another with little quips. 

MYRA ARUNDEL - Female 30’s. Described as fashionable with marvelous clothes and en vogue with what’s considered posh. Described as a ‘‘self-conscious vampire’’ who ‘‘goes about using sexuality as a shrimping net.’’

SANDY TYRELL - Male late 20’s early 30’s. Fresh faced young man who is a boxer. Has an athletic build and catches the eye of the mother Judith. 

Also seeking Local Non-Union actors to be Understudies. 


Director/Choreographer: Gerry McIntyre
1st Rehearsal –March 4, 2025
Performances– March 25 – May 4, 2025

Seeking: ALL roles available. 

EFFIE WHITE – Female late 20’s Black / African American. Lead Singer of The Dreamettes. A powerhouse and soaring singer with undeniable and overpowering talent. The true underdog. A headstrong, vibrant, confident, and outspoken young woman. A diva. Must have an exceptional gospel belt.

DEENA JONES – Female late 20’s Black / African American. Initially modest backup singer for The Dreamettes, turned lead singer of The Dreams. An ‘ingenue’ who possess the poise of what Curtis wants a leading lady to look like, and a quiet confidence beyond her years. Mezz, with a full belt.

LORELL ROBINSON – Female late 20’s Black / African American. The softest and youngest of the three Dreams. Although she is bubbly, youthful, and flirtatious, she is also pragmatic and eager for success. Soprano, on top of most triad harmony, with a full belt. 

CURTIS TAYLOR JR - Male late 30’s-40s Black / African American. Slick and forceful used car salesman, who becomes the Dreams’ and Jimmy’s manager. Dates Effie, but eventually Deena. Becomes consumed with wealth and power. Handsome Tenor.

JAMES THUNDER EARLY – Male late 30’s-40s Black / African American. James Brown-like star who takes on Dreamettes as backup singers. A showbiz type who is high-energy, verging on chaotic with an endless amount of charm and charisma. Rock/R&B tenor.

CC WHITE – Male early 20s Black / African American. Effie’s songwriter brother. Very endearing, loyal, idealistic, and earnest. A soft-spoken Bari-Tenor. 

MARTY MADISON – Male 40s+ Black / African American. Veteran music agent, who quiets as Jimmy’s manager and later becomes Effie’s manager, rebuilding her confidence and career. Hie represents an earlier age of black entertainment, which is in disagreement with Curtis’ ideas/schemes. Baritone.

MICHELLE MORRIS - Female 20’s Black / African American. A dynamic singer who fulfills Curtis’ aesthetic image for the Dreams and subsequently replaces Effie in the groups. Mezzo-sop.

ENSEMBLE – All ages, gender-identifies, ethnicities, body types, and voice parts to make up a chorus of singer/dancers. All must have strong contemporary pop/gospel/R&B voices and dance in addition to possess unique and vivid personalities. Featured parts in the ensemble include “Dave & The Sweethearts”, reporters, disco dancers, and various other chorus parts. 

Also seeking Local, Non-Union singer/dancers to be on-stage Extras, and External Understudies for all roles.